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Providing access to care through case management, support services, behavioral health counseling, and housing assistance. Supporting individuals adhere to critical HIV medication - lowering HIV viral load. Sustained viral load suppression reduces the risk of transmitting HIV and contributes to lasting health and wellness. Our risk-reduction, education, and HIV testing  services provide the community with the tools that best meet individualized needs in preventing HIV infection.


Outside providers looking to refer clients to FPC’s case management services should complete the following referral packet with the client, and fax to  207.879.0761

Requests for Case Management Services


Outside providers looking to refer clients to FPC’s behavioral health program should complete the following documents with the client, and fax to Keith Riley’s attention at 207.879.0761, along with referring agency’s release form.


Requests for Behavioral Health Services

FPC Behavioral Health Intake Form

Your Maine source for HIV prevention and sexual health resources

PrEP207 is a collection of community-based organizations and service providers dedicated to helping patients get access to PrEP, PEP, and other crucial HIV services in Maine.


Positive Resources

State HIV/AIDS Advocacy

If you are interested in participating in advocacy and community feedback opportunities that take place in partnership with other Maine providers and policy makers, please email

Friends of Frannie

Friends of Frannie is a diverse network of Frannie Peabody Center supporters, caregivers, survivors, friends, and medical providers. We work together to share information, advocate for change, and build a strong community to support people living with HIV/AIDS in Maine. To join, click here.