Stories of Resilience

Honoring my dear friend, JL, who continues to survive, thrive, volunteer, advocate and serve as an example to our community. lots of love xx - Anonymous

I am honoring a long term survivor who has lived with HIV since the 1980’s. Even though the last few years have been a struggle due to various medical ailments, they always have a smile on their face and a warm hug. It amazes me how someone who has many reasons to feel sorry for themselves is always concerned about how I am doing. I often imagine what a nicer world this would be if more people were like this. - Anonymous

Our son Jimmy Lucibello has volunteered for many events to help his community and Frannie Peabody Center. We are so proud of him. - Carol Kelly & Sue Davis

My name is Charles Wynott I am the husband of Jon M. Piefer. Jon and I were married in Auburn Maine in 1990 and moved into the AIDS Lodging House. We Founded Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) Jon passed in 1995 of AIDS. - Charles Wynott

I am honoring Jimmy Lucibello. In my eyes, he is a hero! - Russell Tarason

I am honoring my parents who sadly did not survive the epidemic. I lost my mother, father and step-father. In particular, I would like to honor my mother, Debbie Kellner who survived for 17 years at a time when she was told that there was no hope. She somehow survived despite multi-generational poverty, a learning disability that left her illiterate, and chronic domestic violence. I learned how to survive from her. I am HIV- but being born in the 80’s to positive parents, AIDS has always been central to my identity and my experience. I am grateful for all of those who survive and fight. Please check out my blog at - Crystal Fawn Gamet