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As part of Frannie Peabody Center’s commitment to our mission of advocating for those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in Maine, the agency provides testimony and statements at the state and national level. The organization is also an active member of a number of community coalitions and advocacy bodies.

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FPC Testimony & Statements

Frannie Peabody Center provides and/or contributes to testimony for legislative action that has an impact on our clients and the community we serve. Below are some recent examples of statements made by FPC staff on behalf of the agency.

LD 1822 || FPC Testimony  || An Act To Improve Access to Behavioral Health Services
by Prohibiting Cost Sharing by Insurers  (1/11/2022)

LD 1783 || FPC Testimony  || An Act To Require Health Insurance Carriers and Pharmacy Benefits Managers To Appropriately Account for Cost-sharing Amounts Paid on Behalf of Insureds (1/11/2022)

LD 994 || FPC Testimony  || An Act to Promote Public Health Eliminating Criminal Penalties for Possession of Hypodermic Apparatuses (4/21/2021)

LD 415 || FPC Testimony || Directing DHHS to Increase MaineCare Reimbursement Rates to Targeted Case Management Services To Reflect Inflation (4/15/2021)

LD 718 || FPC Testimony || An Act To Improve the Health of Maine Residents by Closing Coverage Gaps in the MaineCare Program and the Children's Health Insurance Program (4/15/2021)

LD 1115 || FPC Testimony - R.Morrill  (video || An Act To Improve Access to HIV Prevention Medications (4/8/2021)

LD 1115 || FPC Testimony - K.Rutherford (video || An Act To Improve Access to HIV Prevention Medications (4/8/2021)

LD 1115 || Community Position Statement || An Act To Improve Access to HIV Prevention Medications (4/8/2021)

LD 888 || FPC Testimony || An Act To Ensure Ongoing Services for Victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (3/22/2021)

FPC Letter to Sen. Collins regarding proposed cuts to HOPWA for FY 2021

LD 1613 || FPC Testimony || An Act Regarding Women’s Health and Economic Security (2/13/2020)

LD 1940 || FPC Testimony || Directing DHHS To Increase MaineCare Reimbursement Rates for Targeted Case Management Services To Reflect Inflation (1/30/2020)


Maine’s HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee (HIVAC) is commissioned under Maine statute Title 5 §19202.  HIVAC’s membership consists of a diverse range of experience within the landscape of HIV/AIDS in Maine and strives to be representative of the community for which it serves. Currently, the Committee includes HIV-positive individuals, medical providers, social service community-based organizations, as well as members of the Maine Legislature, Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Corrections, The Office of MaineCare Services, and Department of Education.

2019 HIVAC Report to Maine’s Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services

Interested in providing testimony for legislation that is important to you?


Check out these how-to guides from our friends at

The Southern Maine Workers' Center:

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