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Frannie Peabody Center (FPC) is proud to be a partner in Thrive2027, a community-wide effort to achieve meaningful, measurable and clear goals for Greater Portland.  We know that the financial, health, and education goals presented support the sustained health of our clients living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS, and our community as a whole.  We all have a role in reaching these important milestones.  To get involved, visit

THRIVE2027 GOAL:  Every Child has quality early learning experiences beginning at birth.


Assistance from FPC ensures that children living with HIV and children of HIV-positive parents have access to resources that support education and healthy growth, such as housing and nutrition.

THRIVE2027 GOAL: Individuals & families have the education, employment opportunities, and resources to achieve financial stability.


Half of FPC clients live below the federal poverty line, and the unique challenges faced by those affected by HIV/AIDS act as barriers to achieving financial stability.  Wrap-around services at FPC through housing assistance, case management, and behavioral health address these barriers, and supports clients on a path to stability.


THRIVE2027 GOAL: Children, adults and communities have resources & opportunities to achieve optimal health status.


From direct services for people living with HIV/AIDS to prevention, testing, outreach, and harm reduction, FPC’s comprehensive programs ensure that people have access to the quality care they need to stay healthy.

Almost 90% of FPC clients have achieved viral load suppression, a key factor in maintaining health with HIV. Annually, FPC performs over 500 HIV tests and provides over 7,000 outreach contacts.

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